Refugee Republic

CompanySubmarine Channel
Lead DesignerJan Rothuizen
ClientJan Rothuizen
Project LinkView
Prize(s)2nd Place in Multimedia / Interactive Media
Entry Description

Refugee Republic is an online documentary about everyday
life in Domiz Camp, a Syrian refugee camp in northern Iraq.
Around 58 thousand predominantly Kurdish-Syrian refugees
have sought shelter here, gradually transforming the camp
from a temporary refuge to a makeshift town where people
live and work, go to school, start a business, get married,
argue and have fun.

We’ve all seen images of refugees desperately waiting for
help, but that is just one part of the story. There lies an
entire world behind the images you see in the media – a
world that is not all that much different from yours and
mine. Visual artist Jan Rothuizen, journalist Martijn van Tol
and photographer Dirk-Jan Visser explored Domiz Camp
from A to Z, together with web developer Aart Jan van der
Linden they brought to life its inhabitants and places in a
multidimensional mix of sound, drawings, photo and film.