Rosewood Abu Dhabi

CompanyHOK International (Asia/Pacific)
Lead DesignerJulia Monk
ClientJulia Monk
Project LinkView
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

The design creates a distinct, personalized luxury lifestyle
experience that captures the essence of Rosewood Hotels
and Resorts’ “Sense of Place” philosophy.

Interior spaces take cues from the local topography and
culture, merging the vastness of the desert’s white sand
dunes with the crystal blue of the Arabian Sea. The sleek,
modern aesthetic creates a feeling of understated
opulence and elegance. Natural materials include stone,
wood and glass.

The design of the interior encourages a free flow of
movement between key living zones, promoting an easy,
relaxed experience. Full-height windows bring unique
views into every guestroom, offering 360-degree
panoramas of the city and sea. Guestroom furnishings
echo the stylish feel of those in the lobby, though fabrics
are richer. Modern regional artwork, mixed with
traditional accessories and pottery, weave the indigenous
expression of the public spaces into the rooms.