Gold Coast Residence - A contemporary realm of Arts & Poetry by the seaside...

Lead DesignerRoland Lam
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

Just steps away from the beautiful Golden beach a 1500ft2 sea-view residence is home to an artist couples,a design project interpreting contemporary simplicity and individuality.A central living room divided the layout into the master and the study+galleria ensuites.Opposite to the grey stone wall contrasting a white lacquered wall unit providing a canvas to the rich palette of mixing colours of books,architecture models and objets d'art.Forest green curtain with white sateen complimented the stainless steel skirting throughout the cosy dark walnut flooring adding modernity to the area.System of spot lights meticulously accentuated the wall unit and the grey stone wall.Skirting light beneath open bar elevating its entire structure whose mirror providing sensuous reflection of abstract paintings at dining area.The panoramic bathroom at the study+galleria is encompassed with a wall to wall grey mirror cabinet creating a multitude of imaging and lights.It's a galleria,a cosy home and a chic place to entertain friends