Bin Sina Pharmacy

Lead DesignerCarla Conte
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

The brief was to create the pharmacy of the future, one that was unique and would stand out on an international level.

A sculptural ‘tree’ at the Skin Analysis area separates the space and is an intriguing focal point which also disguises a column beneath. A bubble wall pumped with effervescent water is used to highlight premium skincare ranges, with the finished result being both natural and futuristic. Warm temperature adjustable led lighting is used throughout and specifically positioned to provide an overall soft and healthy glow to the textural white surfaces. A visual merchandising display feature at the pharmacy dispenser area has a staircase aesthetic that subtly references the curving vertebrae in our spines as well as alluding to the twist of a double helix.

A colour coding system was developed for wayfinding purposes and each department had a unique fixture collection that also utilized colour coding and integrated advertising.


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