Lead DesignerCarla Conte
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

Maybury is a gourmet food emporium – supermarket, delicatessen, café and cooking school. The gourmet shopping area on the ground floor is an eclectic blend of modern contemporary and art deco. The colour scheme is a sophisticated palette of aubergine, chartreuse, woods, textured marble, copper highlights and sculptural elements. The industrial open ceiling is enhanced by a geometric grid pattern, counterbalanced by mosaic-clad columns, oversized cornice detailing and bespoke bas-relief food related art pieces.

As customers climb the staircase they are greeted by a Carl Warner commissioned foodscape mural. At first a forest view, each time you pass, a new food related detail is discovered.

The overall ambiance created is that of a favourite neighbourhood deli, where the local community can indulge in their passion for taste, quality and preparation. Maybury appeals to the discerning international demographic that Dubai attracts, designed to echo the comforts of home and keep customers returning.


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