Lead DesignerCarla Conte
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

The name 'Nar' translates as 'fire' or 'hot’ in Arabic. Elements of smoke and heat appear throughout, as well as tributes to the region's culture and heritage.

The indoor bar mirrors the way the shisha coals burn, with swirling plumes of smoke extending from the bar into chrome smoke rings on the ceiling. Modern, edgy Islamic patterns adorn the ceilings in 3D layers, while the single indoor column is transformed into a giant shisha pipe, creating a unique focal point. Custom graffiti provides bursts of colour and highlights historical pop culture icons within the region.

The Majlis areas feature real fire pits and custom carpet designs with low sofas mimicking traditional Bedouin ways of seating around a campfire. The areas are framed by black pipes extending down from the ceiling and edged in a single LED point – the overall layout of the pipes forming traditional arabian archways.


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