Lead DesignerSerena Zanello
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Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

Located in the heart of Little Italy, San Diego,Solunto brings a fun eclectic design together with rustic Italian flavors. The essence of the project is a mix of mediterranean colors , custom design elements, giant graphics on the walls that shows old crafts and local sustainable materials. We wanted to tell a story by playing with the floor plan and flow, creating three different experiences in one space. The bakery, restaurant and wine bar are well identified by different materials, colors and features. The hex tiles on the floor create an abstract path thru this fresh and colored plaza.


Dopamine Design. Inspired by the molecule that mediates pleasure in the human brain, at Dopamine Design we strive to keep these incredible molecules busy by creating experiences that are a feast to the senses.

Our strength is in establishing bridges between the world of engineering, science or structure and that of emotion, pleasure and senses.

Serena Zanello and Daniel Mota Veiga have joined their passionate and creative minds to put Dopamine at the service of everyone who wishes to create extraordinary products, spaces and experiences .