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Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

Taking off – Landing
Two opposite words, the prime inspiration to design it. One allows you to dream away, the other brings you back to reality.
Bird a piece of furniture generating a “game” between dimensions and balance. It creates the impression that it is floating in the space, in spite of materials heaviness, such as marble, metal and wood. A coffee table allowing the use of both the main surface and the base. Bird a combination of modern design and timeless materials.


Chris Tsigaras created his own studio in 2012 having as an object the architectural design study, Supervision, as well as the project management in private homes and Business Premises.
He owns Bachelor of Arts in Industrial design he is actively involved in the study and the construction of objects and he has been general in the field of Industrial design in Greece since 1990. He has taken parts in international competitions, exhibiting household objects in which he had the study and production as a whole.

He co-operated with ISV (Ioanou-Sotiropoulos-Van Gilder) for 16 years and he took part in almost all the projects of the office as Construction manager.
ISV Architects: construction manager.

AKTO art & design college
He taught as a teacher assistant, in line drawing of fourth grade architecture students.

Architects office-Industrial design SIGMA DESIGN.
Designing and construction of business premises and private homes.
Object design
Production manager (Design magazine)