Soho Loft

CompanyGabellini Sheppard Associates
Lead DesignerMichael Gabellini & Kimberly Sheppard
ClientGabellini Sheppard Associates
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

The renovation of the 8,300 SF interior residence
references the SoHo-Loft typology while transforming
it. The design maximizes the opportunity to
incorporate previously unused roofscapes as a series
of multi-level urban garden terraces to extend the
indoor / outdoor familial synergy. The continuously
open floor-through space has been punctuated by two
vertical light atriums. With a sensibility to lightness
and openness, the new design emphasizes spatial
fluidity, permeability and flexibility of use. Influenced
by the client’s Danish background and specific,
philosophical programmatic requests, the lines of
separation between public and private, children and
adult areas were intentionally organized to promote a
family integration.


Gabellini Sheppard Associates is a multi-disciplinary architectural and interior design firm based in New York City. The studio has gained international acclaim for its signature design aesthetic in which space and light are used as sculptural materials. The firm embraces a wide range of scales and typologies from urban and commercial master plans to private and multi-family residences, fashion boutiques, hotels, restaurants, contemporary art galleries and urban spaces. The approach to design is defined by a specific set of criteria: the unique needs of the individual client, context and community; the development of a seamless and sophisticated background for the programmatic requirements; and the creation of an aesthetically pristine environment that employs sustainable design practices. The firm’s signature vocabulary is identified by an essential reductivism, attention to detail, and sensitivity to the intrinsic properties of building materials and location.

Gabellini Sheppard Associates has been involved in hospitality, retail, public, art exhibition and residential projects in over fifteen countries worldwide. The firm’s international portfolio is harmonized by a team of design professionals from all over the world, assembling a fusion of cultures, languages and experience into their work.

In addition to the work produced by the studio, the partners are passionate educators often giving lectures, serving on jury panels and as adjunct professors. The commitment to teaching architecture and design is most evident, however, within the Gabellini Sheppard atelier. Generating an integrated, collaborative approach to design, the partners and associates have enabled and guided new generations of design professionals to become aware of and prepared for today’s social and environmental challenges. The work of the studio has received a broad range of recognition, from architectural and design awards, to wellness, lighting and product design accolades.