Lead DesignerNorito Nakahara
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Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

ON THE MARKS is a conversion project of a 20 year-old clinic building into a hotel. The facility’s notion of program and design is based on the site specificity of Japan and Kawasaki-city with a minimalism philosophy appealing to international travelers who seek for a local culture. The ground floor façade is designed with a series of folding glass doors to express the facility’s friendly energy reaching out to the neighborhood. Having the floor and ceiling exposed as existed, the new design respects the existing building and leaves the newly given function of the space a margin to flexibly adopt changes of the times. Japanese futon-inspired staged beds are one of the unique factors of this hotel. In a private room small as 54 s.f., the function is centralized on sleeping and this effort realized a minimal but comfortable new style of a guest room.