Private Penthouse, Burj Khalifa, Dubai UAE - Private Client

CompanyBishop Design Residential
Lead DesignerEllen Bishop
ClientEllen Bishop
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

When dealing with a luxury Penthouse in the world’s tallest
building, there should be no compromises on the design; it
should ooze with glamour and opulence. The Client brief
was simply “a space for entertaining close family and
friends, a home for living” with a light scheme keeping
‘milky whites’ as a base color with various textures and
The experience begins upon entering where you are
greeted by a life-size winter forest scene with a water
feature element on both sides. Past the transparent screen,
the space opens up into a large mixed use area and multiple
Living areas. These are defined and separated by the use of
decorative metallic screens, various levels of uplit raised
acrylic flooring, and differing seating arrangements.
The scheme continues into the bedrooms and other areas
where slightly more warming textures and lighting are
demanded. The exterior area has more of an urban feel.