Internet Entertainment Company

Lead DesignerJohn Marx
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

This Internet Entertainment Company’s Headquarters design is a warm modernism at a human scale. The interior design of the two buildings, totaling 225,000 square feet, blurs the separation between work, social, and eating areas. Relaxed and collaborative work spaces, emulating residences, were created through the use of dividers, warm colors and textures.

The interiors throughout reflect the core design and focus on the movement and connection of spaces. At the center is the first-floor cafeteria, the main social space, pouring out into a secure courtyard. An intimate fireplace, a waterfall wall creating a privacy nook, lush ceilings, and wall treatments, are all part of the rich features and textures of the private, collaborative, and social spaces.

This project is our statement of belief that modernism has the latent capacity to convey warmth and to engage the building occupants and daily visitors in an experience pregnant with profound emotional meaning.


We believe architecture is the art of giving form to ideas.

At Form4 Architecture, we strive to create architecture that is rational, empowering, and dynamic. We embrace collaboration and teamwork as the cornerstones of success, and we believe in designing welcoming environments that are fundamentally sustainable and accessible. As collaborative partners in the design process, our principals personally lead every project from concept to completion, bringing the collective wealth of years of expertise and knowledge to each client’s vision.