Philosophical Rugs

Lead DesignerJorge CANETE
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Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

The philosophical rugs:

Each rug features a dialogue between two different cultures and historical periods. Each text starts from one edge of the carpet and merges symbolically in the middle of the carpet, like a dreamed encounter. The "philosophical rugs" portray a poetic correspondence, combining modernity and memory : Japanese calligraphy meets Western-style handwriting, Chinese characters are sent in response to an old Spanish letter.

Each creation uses different textures. The light reflects differently on the surfaces of the material: the shiny reflections off the vegetal silk and the rather opaque surface of the wool. It recalls the effect of wet ink on white paper when it is still shiny… 2 models have been designed with 4 color variations.

To underline the importance of writing, part of the profits will be donated to SAVE THE CHILDREN fighting against illiteracy worldwide.