Arhus Bookcase

CompanyG.Ríos Furniture & Design
Lead DesignerGerardo Ríos
ClientGerardo Ríos
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Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

The lightness of spirit and joy of life of the 60's were the
inspiration to capture in this interactive way to store books,
decorating with color and design any room, providing a
piece of functional, modern-retro art. The legs provide a
sense of surprise and an astonishment sensation, that take
us back to the cubism movement. In addition to the lines
and joy of the 60's influence, this bookcase has 3 sliding
doors that can be customized, with different glass colors to
choose from, the doors are built with a wooden base and a
6mm front laminated glass 9 different vivid colors to choose
from, so there is one for every taste or purpose.


Gerardo Ríos who resides in the Yucatán Peninsula has an artistic and technical brilliance in his work that reflects a unique elegance.
His artistry and craftsmanship is a symbiotic reflection of what he believes in and often says “the daring romance and adventures that we find in people, history and our natural environment”. Ríos’ artistic spirit is inherited from a lineage of artists dating back to his great-great grandfather, the world-renowned painter José MarÍa Velasco.

Awards and Prize

2014 A’ Design Award, Milan Italy: Gold A’ Design Award
2014 A’ Design Award, Milan Italy: Bronze A’ Design Award
2015 A’ Design Award, Milan Italy: Iron A’ Design Award
2015 IDA (International Design Awards): 3rd Place Award
2016 A’ Design Award, Milan Italy: Bronze A’ Design Award