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KCI. Group Headquarters Offices

Lead DesignersKENG FU LO
Prize(s)Silver in Architecture Categories / Low cost housing
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Entry Description

KCI Group Headquarters office is located in Kaohsiung Taiwan. It combines with office, conference room and storage space. The office building is close to 20 meters road. But the designer grass the ground and floating concrete blocks the noisy and the glare from cars. It not only decreases the interruption from external environment, but also creates the private view and sense of security.
Eco and recyclable building material is selected to reduce replacement rate and decrease the impact to the environment. Coated steel plates are used based on the environment and whole building, and it is more cost saving for the building, its advantage of resistance to environment. The reflection rate towards sunshine increases as well. It decreases the interior temperature indirectly; moreover, the power for air conditioning is reduced. The renewable power generated from solar power is an important sustainable goal for the building as well.