Silks Place Tainan

Lead DesignerMaggie M. C. Yeh
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Prize(s)3rd Place in Interior Design / Conceptual
Entry Description


Being the oldest capital of Taiwan since Ming Dynasty, “OLD ACADEMY” as design concept embraced history and culture of city. Bring in literary and architectural elements to the interior. The design traces back ancient the Chinese private college imagery, showcasing generous texture and artifacts.

The gigantic antique doors and flickering lighting in lobby, like Chinese said “golden palace found in the knowledge of books”, ancient scholars pursuing career advancement in political realm.

The creation of red brick wall in the restaurant is from local landmark monuments, arch with fusion of classic and modern sensibilities. The banquet hall concept of “Joy Luck Club” is delivering visually stunning dining experience of Taiwanese style wedding ceremony.

This project aims to thoughtfully units traditional Chinese architecture and aesthetics of ancient scholars. A fresh reinterpretation of old and presenting with modern touch. It is not about house rules, but more about its soul.