Balalaika Chair

Lead DesignerMichael Woods
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

To design an accent chair in wood, with an upholstered seat, with three legs, with a contemporary but "transitional" design, than would complement but also hold its own with the clients other furniture, including pieces by Stickley, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Charles Rennie Mackintosh. All of the existing pieces were in oak, so black walnut was selected to allow the chair to have its own character, which is aided by its whimsical design.


An Interior Design professional for over 35 years, Michael is a graduate of the Interior Design program at the University of Manitoba. The main focus of his work has been commercial office design, design management and sustainable design. He has always had a strong interest in product design, furniture design, graphic design, and textile design and these activities form the basis for his company, Binswood Design Studio.