Motorola Focus 1000 camera

Lead DesignerValentino Chow
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Prize(s)1st Place in Media And Home Electronics / Consumer electronics and cameras
Entry Description

he Motorola Focus 1000 is a stylish lifestyle camera that meets consumer demand for product design that merges functionality with style and beauty. The design was inspired by the simple form of the circle. The elegant Focus 1000 possesses an ultra-slim form factor, which means it is not just comfortable to use, but also beautiful to look at. Boasting a glossy black finish with chromed highlights, an ergonomic design and matte accents, the minimalist Focus 1000 brings simplicity in a clean and elegant form.


Valentino chow is a talented industrial designer with over 10 years work experience in wide range of products from consumer electronics. Valentino had his degree from Birmingham City University, Product Design. He has been working for global corporations such as Motorola and AEG. He is known with a holistic approach to design wireless products and has strong skills from conceptual problem solver to technical concern, and able to bring products to market.