Lead DesignerCallin Fortis
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

Housed in a ten thousand square foot, heavy timber frame this nautical space served as an inspiration for this project. Skinned with Cedar panels, the ‘Post and Beam’ architecture was articulated to create the spirit of the skeleton of a mighty steamer. The bar location, under the ‘bell tower,’ provided a 30’ expanse of soaring ceiling to create a Swarovski inspired crew oar sculpture. Salvaged crew oars with original boat, numbers and colors are arranged around a black, spiral, steel frame like crystals draped on a delicate chandelier. This monolithic sculpture is nineteen feet tall and weighs in at just under a ton. The upscale waterfront theme continues with demising walls of ship rope and steel turnbuckles mortised into the floor. The design story required an authentic, re-purposed and yet sophisticated finish that presented a challenge in incorporating thematic design elements while avoiding a final ‘theme venue’ feel.


Bigtime Design Studios is a Miami-based boutique design firm with focuses in hotel design, restaurant design, bar and nightclub design.

Awards and Prize

2018 Hospitality Design Nightlife Awards - Finalist
2018 NEWH Top ID Firm
2018 German Design Award Winner
2017 SFBJ Structure Award
2017 NEWH Golden Palm Award
2017 NEWH Sofhie Award (x2)
2016 Hospitality Design Awards - Finalist
2015/2016 Restaurant & Bar Design Awards - Shortlist
2013 Boutique Design - Most Influential Hospitality Design Firm
2008 Club World Awards - Best Interior Renovation
2006 Club World Awards - Best Superclub
2006 Club World Awards - Best Interior Design