Lead DesignerHugo Kohno
ClientHugo Kohno
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Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

The client requested a concrete house.
The ground condition around this area is very poor
and soft. If building a 3-story reinforced concrete
building, we would need to install pile foundations
driven deep into the support layer, which would be
unrealistic due to the large construction cost. In order
to decrease the weight of the building, we adopted the
composite structural system comprised of reinforced
concrete outer shell and conventional timber infill
including interior walls and floors.
The shell bears all horizontal loads including seismic
and wind loads, allowing for free planning of infill
components without bearing walls.
We installed “cranks” on vertical outer walls to prevent
deformation of the reinforced concrete outer shell
caused by a lack of slabs or beams in the middle level
and to make it structurally stable.
These “cranks” are structural members, but they are
also utilized as ribs, counters, eaves and for other


1969 Born in Tokyo

1995 Graduate from Musashino Art University, Architectural Department

1995 Kunihiko Hayakawa Architect & Associates

1998 Assistant at Musashino Art University

2002 Established Hugo Kohno Architect Associates
2003 Part-time instructor in Musashino Art University
2011 Part-time instructor in Tokyo Denki University

First Class Architect of Japan
Member Of:
CASBEE certified buildings
The Institute of Architects
Tokyo Society of Architects and Building Engineers
Tokyo Association of Architectural Firms