Brooklyn AG

Lead DesignerMr. Tenniel Tsang
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

Designed to give the rustic feel of a converted warehouse, thoughtful rustic accents and a sparing use of colors results in a healthy mix of modern warmth and ruggedness in the main dining area. It has nailed the industrial design with plenty of stark metal accents throughout, complemented with wire fence, floor-to-ceiling windows on one side that gives luscious view of road outside.

There are high tables with matching bar stools ideal for quick bites, and comfy couches on the side for more relaxed dining in small groups. For a more casual affair to keep the mood lively and people lingering longer.

Keeping the exposed pipe ceiling is not only cost efficient, but it also opens the overhead space to bold design possibilities, exposed metal truss, so of those painted in red for a boost of color, also adds to its rustic dimension.