Lead DesignerZHOU WEN JUN
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

“Bu Bu Gao” (Step Step Rise), an old shoes store, asked us for an art shopping space to attract customers and alleviate the impact from on-line sellers.

We helped to deliver a comprehensive design to upgrade the image of this 1000m2 store, including: architectural renovation, product, interior design, brand logo and VI system.

In Chinese, “Bu Bu Gao” is a blessing to wish people to make achievements step by step. we fused the Chinese name into its English initials BBG, and designed four shoes as strokes.

We sculptured a flowing handrail with stainless steel in 3D print models and manual sculpture way. It’s the world’s first and unique handrail that grows up gradually from the ground. We also contemplated other soft-looking facilities, such as the facade, stairs, pillars, vases, and checkout counters. Integral and seamless. All except their mirror parts have brushed matt finishes, which avoid mass reflection and fingerprints.


ZHOU Wenjun is the Founder & Creative Director of 524 Studio. Founder & Architect of 524 Architecture.

ZHOU has been invited to United States and Italy as Design Jury for several international design awards. such as:

United States, 2013, SPARK Design Award, International judge;
Italy, 2013-2014, A 'Design Award, International judge;
United States, 2014-2015, Vertex Award, International judge;
Canada, 2016, MUSE creative awards, International judge;
United States, 2015-2016, Vertex Award, International judge;
Italy, 2013-2014, A 'Design Award, International judge;
United States, 2016, CSS Design Award, International judge...

He graduated from the School of Architecture at China Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA). He then majored and graduated with a master’s degree in urban image design at the School of Design, also at CAFA.

Mr. Zhou's work focuses on architecture, visual communication, spatial, product design, art, photography and other fields. His clients includes agencies, galleries and private clients.