Energy Contained in Humans VS environment

Lead DesignerJazzbi Chew Kim Pek
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

Designer attempts to apply energy theory into the space to provoke the society's concern on global issue.

Energy identified with its mass,cannot be destroyed,but only can be transformed.Designer represents the mass energy as the effort contained in humans,the ability to exert the forces of push and pull against the conflict between industrial development and preserving the environment.Equivalent to will power contained in humans cannot be destroyed or created,but can be transformed into action that result in an improved space than what existed originally.

The tree root at reception area represents every natural object returning to basic point of foundation,this symbolizes the role of humans in stabilizing the demands between maintaining the environment and industrial development.

The handicraft area encourages people to let go of the fetters of life, immerse oneself the art of creation.Every turn of the turbine represents the pull and push between materialistic needs and our desire to preserve our environment.


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