Beautiful Solitude

Lead DesignerChi Chan
Prize(s)3rd Place in Haute Couture / Women_HC
Entry Description

Beautiful Solitude is a dialogue about the state of solitude and the interpretation of haute couture in the modern world. This project is a romantic adventure and discovery of one’s inner beauty and strength, with a sense of intimacy and delicacy.

Silhouette is soft and collapsed, with the use of silk burn-out velvet, reveal tenderness and timeless elegance. There is a subtle transformation from velvet to chiffon, intertwined with shadow-like pattern, adding an extra dimension of movement and graceful shine.

While the spirit of haute couture lies within the extreme attention to craftsmanship, this dress is finely embellished with silver-coated Schiffli lace. Pieces of delicate lace in sculptural shapes are carefully coated with silver. This is a revival of the old world charm through the introduction of an innovative technique. This also echoes to the theme representing how solitude can be a fragile yet powerful state of mind at the same time.