Quirk Hotel

Lead DesignerPilar Proffitt
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

Quirk Hotel is a 74 room boutique hotel and Richmond’s first flagship boutique hotel. Quirk Hotel began as a gallery, Quirk, that existed as a pioneering tenant in the city’s fledgling arts district. The owners wanted to make the hotel an art-centric extension of the gallery. Recognizing this future, and joining it with the building’s past life as a department store, the POESIS team developed an informal battle cry that drove the design of the entire experience: Simple Elegance. In the lobby, Lighter whimsical elements play amongst the gridded columns, from the serpentine dining booths to the sculptural elements stationed about, such as the front desk, private dining pavilion, luggage storage units, and beverage bars. Each element provides the framework, the place , for the events of the day to play out. For the guestrooms, Remembering the Palazzos in Florence Italy, we decided to propose the window seats with steps,