Renovation of Manner House in the town of Kremnica, Slovakia

Lead DesignerMVA ace s.r.o.
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Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

Renovated Manner House is dated back to the XVII. century. It was formely used as a house of hangman. Is situated close to the medieval fortification wall of Kremnica Castle. It has very specific location in direct addition to the fortification. During the XVIII-XIV. century it was rebuilt. In the XX. century it was used for private dwellings. Since 70th´s years of XX. century there has been situated Academy of Fine Arts and Design. Architectural design of renovation has begun in 2009. The main idea of renovation was to change exterior and interior appearance back to the renesainnce period. All authentic historic elements were presented. Other ones, not suitable value descreasing elements, /especialy from the end of XX.century and romanticism addings of XIX century were designe d for destruction. Renovation works finished in 2012. Since this time it is regurarly used for education of young artists, sculptures, designers and architects.


MVA ace s.r.o. has been providing architectural design and structural engineering services since 2010. It is a small family company. Majority of its works are renovation projects of historic buildings, new family houses design, etc. Speciallity of our company is complex solving approach. From conceptual sketches to building realization and architectural inspection, too. Of course, we are able to provide all necessary documents, permissions and other papers according to state bodies and Slovak Civil Building Code. I am owner, establisher, architect and CEO of the MVA ace s.r.o. company.
I was studying on the Departure of Monuments Preservation and History of Architecture at the Faculty of Architecture in Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava /SLOVAKIA/. I finished educational studies at the Department of Peadagogy and Psychology at SUT in Trnava, too. Since 2002 to 2005 I had been studying PhD programme at SUT, Bratislava. I have been being interested in Monuments Presentation in architectural and educational point of view. Now, I am finishing doctoral studies in Cracow University of Technology. The topic of dissertation is EDUCATIONAL PREENTATION OF ARCHITECTURAL HERITAGE - Smart way of architectural heritage presentation focused on educational impact of in situ monuments presentation.