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Dulwich Hill

Lead DesignersClinton Cole
Prize(s)Gold in Architecture Categories / Sustainable Living/Green
Entry Description

The Dulwich Hill addition is based around passive solar design principles and the desire to reduce the embodied energy of the project. The existing three storey rendered brick house has small windows, which have been supplemented with strategically placed highlight timber framed windows and large sliding doors to allow warmth and light in. The house employs the stack effect through using the existing upper level windows to draw warm air up through the three levels creating cool breezes on the ground floor. The eaves provide shade to the highlight windows during summer. The project re-used stone, brick and timber from the demolition of the original structure in the new works, which reduced landfill and embodied energy of the project. The passive systems are complemented with a photovoltaic system, rainwater storage and a wind powered generator.