House Of Fellowship

Lead Designer
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

The living room in the apartment is particularly designed as a spiritual gathering place for friends of church fellowship besides daily usage. The color contrast between white and black signifies light and darkness. The light colored marble walls surround the spacious living room offer an atmosphere of purity and holiness while standing on the dark floor. In turn, the dark marble floor helps the walls and the white furniture stand out more. Large window array with crosses in the center offers generous daylight from outside and creates solemnness. When playing the piano, people can sing and dance freely with ample space in front of the piano and the sofa. The L-shaped sofa in the living room is like open arms welcoming people to join the chanting and conversation. When in the washroom, the mirror with LED ambient light shines like an angel aura and provides even illumination on the face.