Innovation Reimagined

Lead DesignerKamran Riazi
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Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

OPX’s long-standing relationship with AARP has resulted in another successful workplace that enables its occupants to work more effectively. As with AARP projects in the past, OPX began this engagement with our Integrated Operating Environment Assessment (IOE) process to help set the strategic priorities and create a decision-making lens with which to evaluate the final product.

OPX strategically re-imagined how AARP employees, key tools and processes, and the office space would successfully interact to deliver on AARP’s mission of ‘Real-Possibilities’. The result is a 27,000 square foot, two-story collection of vibrant, flexible spaces, designed to meet the needs of all types of work, foster an environment of innovation, and promote outside-the-box thinking. Employees are able to collaborate in flexible areas designed for both conferencing and discussion (complete with writable walls, ubiquitous, easy-to use technology, and customized furniture [by OPX]), and still have the ability to work independently when desired.