Oceans Initiative Poster

Lead DesignerMeaghan A. Dee
Prize(s)1st Place in Print / Posters
Entry Description

Oceans Initiative is a team of scientists on a mission to protect marine life, including whales, dolphins, sharks, salmon & seabirds. They spend half of their time in the field and the other half using science to inform smart decisions to conserve wildlife. Oceans Initiative's tagline is "Science for the Sea." I wanted to make a poster that captured both the beauty and the science of what they do.

Using a cymatic visualizer, CymaScope, I played a humpback whale song that Rob Williams (of Oceans Initiative) had collected. The cymatic visualizer reacted to the notes of the whale song, and through this I gathered hundreds of images. I then went back through the imagery and selected the most striking images and composed the poster, while integrating the subtle "ocean" type.


Meaghan Dee is a dog-loving typography nerd who is both a practicing graphic designer and a design educator. She currently serves as Chair for the Graphic Design program at Virginia Tech and on the AIGA National Design Educators Committee. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from University of Illinois in Graphic Design and her Master’s of Fine Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University in Visual Communication Design. Her primary design foci are typography, branding, user-experience design, editorial design, and packaging.

Awards and Prize

American Advertising Federation Awards,
Graphic Design USA Awards,
Hiii Typography,
SECAC award for Outstanding Professional Achievement in Graphic Design,
University & College Designers Association (UCDA)