Survivor Guide to Braces

Lead DesignerSuzy Simmons
Prize(s)2nd Place in Print / Collateral Material
Entry Description

The brand experience was structured around an adventurer/wilderness feel to refocus a patient's fear of getting braces to "surviving braces" like you would survive a wilderness adventure. The outdoor theme also pays homage to the many outdoor activities Oregon has to offer. When designing all of the other branded pieces, we knew we still needed the pièce de ré·sis·tance. We landed on the idea of a field notebook. It’s sturdy, concise, and easy to produce one version for their 4 locations. The first step was tackling the content. After reading through everything, organizing in category buckets, we spend hours consolidating the info, rewriting theconsolidating the info, rewriting the copy using their brand voice and create mini infographics for more digestible content. Since the content of this piece provided everything there is to know about a patient’s adventure through braces, the piece transformed into a full-on survival guide.