Lead DesignerMARTA PIRH
Prize(s)3rd Place in Accessory / Jewelry
Entry Description

FALL WINTER 2015/2016 “OLD HOLLYWOOD GLAM” – a Collection inspired by a trip to the United States, where the head designer spent a month last summer.
Inspiration comes from chic, class, elegance and beauty spotted while traveling. It is an attempt to capture the magic of visited places with its exceptional soul and history. It is a memory of pieces of art and movies seen during the trip.
The Collection also refers to LOVE – the fundamental element of every collection created by Marta. It is an expression of longing for true, beautiful, unique, unconditional and charming love – love that is probably seen only in the most beautiful Hollywood movies.
Marta Aleksandra Pirh – artist, stylist, designer with great passion and utter love for beauty. When designing, she makes her dreams come true.


The brand PIRH Design by MARTA PIRH was created for those who value luxury, class, elegance and unique design. It was launched in 2011 as a dream come true for our designed Marta Pirh. The highest quality of our brand lies in its uniqueness. Each piece is single and individual. For production we use materials found in high ends of the world, when traveling. It's a great chance to find something exceptional and distinctive. This is what makes our collection absolutely exquisite.
Its one of the most important features that differentiates our brand from other brands. Sale is very personal and individual, what s also highly appreciated by our clients. Each single piece of PIRH jewelry is personally created and produced by Marta.
The design is elegant and timeless, fits perfectly a casual outfit, smart business dress code and an evening dress. It adds a feminine touch, cheeky glamour, allows you to play with fashion and color. It has strong identity with the style and magic that comes with horse riding. We love class, elegance, sophisticated and timeless.
The materials we use are carefully selected with out biggest attention for each detail – leather straps, ropes, pieces of stainless steel or silver especially for buckles. Its solid, durable and anti allergic. We also have porcelain beads, used already In our very first Project, became the label of the design.
The brand has a great success with publicity by being present in media especially top magazine, events; in fashion shows (cooperation with Mexican designed Rodrigo de la Garza), cooperation with many polish and foreign celebrities (actors, models, singers). Marta started designing apparel - the first effects of her work will be seen in summer Collection this year! Currently Marta is working on her first projects of wedding dresses.