Casa MiMa

Lead DesignerBiagio Lepori
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

The house is developed by following the slope of the terrain. Sandwiched between the neighboring houses and the forest, the building wraps around the terrace to create his own privacy, opening itself to the view of the plain, the lake and the forest.
The slope becomes a reason for enhancement of the sequence of spaces inside the house. From the entrance to the study, the living room and kitchen, upstairs rooms, a path is articulated through the house going from floor to floor, moving from space to space, and ends on the balcony of the bedroom where visually you back in touch with the lower floors. Each room is a unique and special relationship with the outside world: once the forest, then the lake, the plain and mountain.
Construction in wooden structure, facades Corten steel. Advanced thermal insulation and photovoltaic system on the roof make it a passive house.