CompanynA Nakayama Architects co.,Ltd.
Lead DesignerMakoto Nakayama
ClientMakoto Nakayama
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

“ ZABO ” means “stare at the heart where free of all
thoughts and desires” or “stillness sit and quiet a heart,
forget the current situation where you are”.
ZABORIN is the Ryokan which has 15 rooms located in the
middle of forest.
With one sentence to describe this building is commune with
nature. The view is totally different from each room and
you are able to enjoy its own beauty.
The space of the accommodation wings is the most
luxurious one-story house and has two courtyards for each
room. Also, the high ceiling and low ceiling of each room
mix in a good balance.
I wanted to create the Japanese beauty with space and free
of all thoughts. I intended to make space with high level
and character.
I also want people to feel “alive” in here. Also feel the
profound and quiet elegance world.


The architecture is established at light, material and dimensions. In fact, these already including structure, flow line and insulation.
Good architecture provides relief to people. Furthermore, you will feel wrapped with an impression.
With modesty, you will be reminded that you are part of nature. Architecture is always concretely. It definitely not abstractness, not either be affected by times.
All works of 「nA」are thorough planned with these. And all the old Japanese architectures were so.
Now foreigners are all saying that, works of “nA” is “JAPANESE”. 
by Makoto Nakayama