Green View

Lead DesignerLi-Jen Chang
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

Rows of Madagascar almond, lush vegetation is staggered as poetic beauty of spring. It well drawn the most primitive life appearance. Based on the core thoughts of "A better life for people in the house", designer reserved the natural feedback by preserving and extending the surrounding landscape. And retreated nearly 660 square meters to exchange for tree-shaded buffer area. The thoughtful design provides a delighted new link between city, dweller and the nature.Natural greenery is designed and arranged casually in every corner. Echoing with powerful literary heritage, it expresses deep spirit of oriental culture, nearly Zen aesthetics. In human interaction, between the men and the books , Allows residents to feel at ease and comfortable atmosphere in the space. At the moment, people or nature is not opposing intruder, but the common good sharer.


Design with real insight into the needs of households’ life. We plan for stylish appearance, high functional, and scientific spirit by precision, planning and measuring. We do not target a particular style, no repeated cycles applied, but tailor-made thinking for clients.