THE MOOD Lyndhurst

Lead DesignerBenjamin Wai Bun Wong
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Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

This project was to demolish the existing 6-storey walk-up buildings on a small urban commercial site of just under than 2000SF, and to redevelop into what is known as THE MOOD Lyndhurst, a 23-storey LEED silver-certified boutique hotel.

The exterior of the building has a triple skin of curtain wall, a layer of charcoal grey frames and mullions on the inside, a layer of grey tinted glass in the middle, and a layer of white aluminum cladding with organic cellular shapes on the outside imbedded with seven “flower” features glowing at night.

\"Flower\" is the big idea or the underlying theme for the entire design, based upon primarily the name of the street which is known in Chinese as \"Bai Fa Street\" or \"the street placed with flowers.\" Secondly, the neighborhood is known for its \"Cheongsam\" taylors, \"Cheongsam\" being a classical stylish Chinese dress generally with large floral patterns.