The Secret Hallway

Lead DesignerIuan-Kai Fang
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description

The Quiet Gallery, restoring privacy of a home, owns a relaxing and soothing corridor, which is quiet and calm for exploring the meanings of self-life. For the interpretation of "home", it is one of the important designs of the field. For every homing person, they need a quiet space to reflect themselves, and also maintain their close relationship with parents through a space of conversation. Surrounded by 18 tailor-made columns, the long corridor not only shows the generous momentum of homeowner, but also a metaphor of family that encourage interactions and free communications. Using the multi-layers and mutual borrowing decorations, this private space is full of unique visual attractiveness with a designed background of light and shadow, proportion and colors, which jumps out of the traditional frames and builds fresh architectural arrangements. This living space is intensely interesting and made people enjoyed and concerned about their moments of life.


Director, K.E.A Design Consultants Inc.
Director, Da Yue Construction Inc.
Director Fang was born in a construction family and loved painting since he was little. Now he has worked in the art and design field over 20 years and is the chief designer in the company.
Director Fang has degree in stage design/ lighting design/ Interior Design.
He’s currently the only designer who has these three different background in Taiwan, and he often use a mélange of those three background knowledge to design cases.
Director Fang travelled at least one month a year, to explore the interaction between spaces, architecture and the people. He also likes to read literary novels and scripts, to discover stories about life and people, which is the basic and important component in the field of design.