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cury house,  | International Design Awards Winners
cury house,  | International Design Awards Winners
cury house,  | International Design Awards Winners
cury house,  | International Design Awards Winners
cury house,  | International Design Awards Winners
cury house,  | International Design Awards Winners

cury house

Lead Designers
Entry Description

Cury House

The Cury House is the alignment of design, of exhaustingly elaborated details, and of execution. The use of the materials, the form, the intention of the design, quietly materialize, as was thought out on the drawing board. This well-defined design is conjectured in the architectural detail. Each tiny re-entering angle of the house had been projected.
The cleanliness and organization of the project are evident in the completed house. The workmanship, meticulous handicraft labor, gives weight, form and color to the architecture.
In the entrance to the house, a small atrium links the spaces together: the path to the dining room and the kitchen, the living-room and, vertically, to the bedrooms on the first story and a small intimate area on the top floor. In this room, two large wooden lathe doors open onto a deck where, on one side there is a beautiful view of the city and, on the other, looks out to the garden that, further downstairs, continues out from the grand living room.
The living-room opens entirely: two window moldings are entirely imbedded into the wall, constituting a continuous open and free space while offering a cross-ventilation between the two gardens. There is no interference of the structure in this area. The garden is structured by a wooden floor, a reflecting pool and minimalist vegetation. The interplay of volumes builds a surprisingly free and continuous space.

By Gabriel Kogan


Born in 1952, Marcio Kogan graduated from the Architecture School of Mackenzie University, in S?o Paulo ? Brazil. Recently, a number of his houses have won awards both in Brazil and internationally. The Du Plessis House and the BR House, received the Record House award in two consecutive years, 2004 and 2005. The Gama Issa House was on the short-list of the World Architecture Award in 2002/ Berlin. All of them have also received awards from the Instituto dos Arquitetos do Brasil (Institute of Brazilian Architects). In 2006, another of his projects, Hotel Fasano, was on the short-list of the wallpaper design award. Among his various residential projects, the outstanding ones include the super-technological E-Home, which is being constructed in Santander - Spain, the Warbler House in Los Angeles, an extreme-house on a paradisiacal island in Paraty - Rio de Janeiro and two modernistic houses in Brasilia. His office now has the new experience of a projecting a Green Building in New Jersey. Diana Radomysler, Lair Reis, Oswaldo Pessano, Renata Furlanetto, Samanta Cafardo, Suzana Glogowski, Andrea Macruz e Carolina Castroviejo are collaborating architects on all the projects.

Awards and Prize

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