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Lead Designers
Entry Description


A new and innovative city-fitness bike-concept for the urban individualist, with a timeless and minimalistic design expression,

Streetbike features two main innovations:

-Foldable "One-size-fits-all? frame

The bike has a fully adjustable frame, to allow most riders approximately between 150-188cm, (5?- 6' 2") to use the same bike; a unisex "one-size-fits-all"- bike, which allows the rider to have the bike individually adjusted for best ergonomics, ensuring an optimal riding experience.
The frame can folded in its lowest position radically minimise size for storage and transport.

-Non-welded frame

The bike-frame is made of twelve (12) unique extruded aluminium profiles, which are individually CNC-milled and assembled using only screws, ensuring highest level of strength, precision and geometry.

Streebike is equipped with only high-end components such as integrated 14 gears, hydraulic disc brakes, adjustable
rear suspension, carbon fibre front fork and more

The Streetbike can in the future evolve into a childrens bike; a bike to grow with.


Born 1968 in Sweden
Studied at the
Art Center College of Design ( Europe )
Graduated with a M.F.A in 1995 from Ume? Institute of Design, Sweden
Working as freelance designer since
1997 after employment at Electrolux 1995-1997.
Major field of work are: Industrial design, furniture design, Interior design and 3D visualization.
Live and work in Stockholm, Sweden