Lead Designer
Prize(s)2nd Place in Home Interior Products / Lighting
Entry Description

Inspired by the sporadic arrangement that barnacles make on a rock surface, the 21 features thin sheets of raw white porcelain wrapped around frosted blown borosilicate glass trumpet shapes. The result is a contrast between an organic diffused light passing through the translucent white porcelain skin and a sharp, crisp light passing through the frosted Borosilicate component, visible on the interior of each pendant. The fabrication process ensures that every individual 21 pendant is completely unique from any other 21 pendant ever produced. The 21 series pendants are designed to be clustered together in large clumps. The 21 is a very emotional exploration of the custom chandelier medium. Traditionally porcelain is slip cast or sculpted into very specific forms. This project, however, features a very unique fabrication method that yields different forms in every iteration. The result is that the material is allowed to bend and fold according to its own intrinsic logic, thus every piece produced is original.


Bocci, started in 2005, is a contemporary design and manufacturing house located in Vancouver, Canada, operating under the creative directorship of Omer Arbel. Bocci is committed to fostering a healthy cooperative community of designers, craftspeople, technicians, manufacturers and fine shops, with the goal of creating practical but also quite enchanting consumer goods of the highest quality.
Bocci is well known thus far for large chandelier installations and custom fabrications of extremely large proportions. These are featured in hotels, restaurants, high-profile homes, and establishments worldwide. Large chandeliers by Bocci have made their way to various high profile locations including the Philip Lim boutique in Soho; W Hotels in Montreal and Atlanta; Neda in San Francisco and Dubai; Club Monaco in Hong Kong; Axis Casino in Nottingham UK, Ilori stores throughout North America; STK restaurants in New York and Los Angeles; Stanford Hospital, George Brown College in Toronto, and many others.
About Omer Arbel:
Omer Arbel, Bocci?s creative director, trained in late 1990s as an architect under Enric Miralles in Barcelona and John and Patricia Patkau in Vancouver. His architectural background is evident in his furniture and lighting design ? his pieces are characterized not only by their own inherent qualities but also by the way they affect the spaces around them. Arbel?s work has received some of the highest honors of contemporary industrial design and has been published extensively.