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Architecture&Music FUN PALACE

Lead Designers
Prize(s)Silver in Architecture Categories / Institutional
Entry Description

Absorbed by a fascination of two distinct and complex art forms, namely Music and Architecture, one begins to wonder what the resultant aesthetic of their intersections, collaborations, translations and representation would be. Looking through the lens of music, this project explores various sonic filtration techniques and interactive technologies to propose a tectonic translation, of music and sonic material, to an appropriately contextualized architectural expression.

The program is comprised of a hybrid of education, entertainment, and recreation functions offering multi purpose spaces that adapt both spatially and acoustically. thus creating a building that becomes public and could be seen a a social instrument constantly changing to the specific needs of the inhabitants.
Characterized by sweeping and looping curves, the building draws its structural references from Debussy?s ?Clair Delune? and its aesthetic nature and technonic from the texture of John Coltrain's ?Gaint Steps" Architecture is Music and Music is Architecture


Mokgwetsi Phala came to the USA as a Fulbright scholar from the University ofCape Town South Africa where he earned a Bachelor of Architecture. His
Thesis at the College of Architecture , at the Illinois Institute of Technology, dealt with the collaboration of
music and architecture titled, Hyde Park Fun P[a]lace: Social instrument for interactive improvisation.

After IIT, Mokgwetsi will be working in Chicago and will
later return to South Africa to continue the practice of architecture committed to contributing both positively and responsibly to the built environment and academic community in South Africa.

Here in Chicago, his passion for music and architecture has translated to his active involved in the cultural and music scene. Form being involvement as a radio personality with Radio IIT to dj'ing in and around the city, to producing music with some renowned icons within house music scene. All this is what he calls the his urban playscape.

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