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SimpleTech SimpleDrive

Lead Designers
Prize(s)PRODUCT DESIGN of The Year
Entry Description

With a design that reduces size, material volume and part count relative to the manufacturer?s previous offering, the SimpleTech SimpleDrive offers up to 1TB of digital storage in an eco-friendly package. The SimpleDrive?s spare but elegant aesthetic highlights the inherent beauty of simplicity. Its plastic clamshell casing, molded in a softly undulating form, represents a purity of materials that is aesthetically pleasing, as well as simple to produce and simple to disassemble and recycle. Slide-fit construction minimizes parts and assembly processes. Vents are built in to the plastic shells, allowing heat to escape to improve the drive?s efficiency. The SimpleTech SimpleDrive is also designed to simplify a user?s digital experience. Blending in at the home or the office, the curving, continuous form visually takes the edge off of technology, creating a user-friendly design. The number of user interface points was reduced, as well, providing a simple USB port in the front and easily accessible power switch in the rear.


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