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C Plus Identity,  | International Design Awards Winners
C Plus Identity,  | International Design Awards Winners

C Plus Identity

Lead Designers
Prize(s)Silver in Print / Stationery
Entry Description

This identity system for a jewelry brand keys of the company?s philosophy of shifting perspective to alter perception. Black and white papers create a fashionable but plainspoken backdrop against which the typography is set as a series of clear and metallic foils. This inkless system requires the viewer to manipulate each piece to catch the light and reveal the text.


MINE? is a San Francisco design office, founded by?Christopher?Simmons and supported by a small but dedicated staff of exceptionally talented designers. MINE? designs identities, books, consumer products, packaging, print and interactive collateral for scientific visionaries, education reformists, best-selling authors, museums, design institutions, entrepreneurs, telecom giants, Hollywood producers, and?