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Les Indiennes

Lead Designers
Prize(s)Silver in Interior / Land_I, Gold in Interior / Land_I
Entry Description

I would like to submit my catalog and some samples of my work if still possible. I do all natural hand block printed fabric which is organically grown cotton.


I am a textile designer and work with a small group of artisans in S.India. Everything is done very"green". My fabric is SKAL certified organic cotton and we use all natural dyes and wood block prints to make the patterns. We help the village & over 50 families can sustain their lifestyle. We do everything by hand and there is not even electricity used in the process. We use mostly traditional Indian motifs that I redesign to sell to the US &European markets. I have helped my vendor overcome the "caste" system and to be proud of his work and all their work. WE do not screenprint, only block print and I am started to work on naturally dyed handloom cottons as well.

Awards and Prize

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