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Wind Simplicity


Wind Simplicity
Sharolyn Vettese

Toronto, ON, 0

Father-daughter team Dr. Alfred Mathieu and Sharolyn Vettese, combined their skills and knowledge to develop the Windancer’s unique features. Skilled in Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Mathieu grew up around windmills. Ms Vettese environmental activist, avid eco gardener and poet, developed an understanding of wind mechanics in her involvement in the development of Toronto’s North York Centre, an urban wind corridor. A chance encounter with a falling Samara seed from the Maple tree was her inspiration for the blades. Ms. Vettese and Dr. Mathieu also drew on the whale and hawk for design inspiration. Sharolyn Vettese, BA, Wind Simplicity CEO & Inventor: Sharolyn is a graduate of McMaster University in Psychology and a dedicated environmentalist who has been a Canadian provincial and a federal candidate. She was the volunteer Co-Chair of the Yonge Street Area Ratepayer Associations in Toronto. In this role, which she held for 12 years, Sharolyn became knowledgeable about the wind shear that was created by the new North York Centre high rises. Sharolyn has several patents-pending. Alfred Mathieu, PhD, Wind Simplicity President & Inventor: Alfred is a WW II 5 year veteran, European theater, who obtained his B Sc and M Sc from the University of Alberta and majored in Mechanical Engineering. He received his PhD in Agriculture (Clay Mineralogy) from the University of Saskatchewan while working as a Research Officer with the National Research Council of Canada. Alfred was appointed Advisor to developing countries by FAO of United Nations, and became a Director of the United Nations. He was Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Cameroon in Yaounde. He has extensive experience in the development and management of large United Nations projects in Africa and the Middle East and participated, as a Consultant, in numerous missions for organizations including FAO, UNESCO, WHO, ILO, African Bank. Alfred has numerous patents-pending.



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