M+R (Andrea MORANA, Luana RAO)


M+R (Andrea MORANA, Luana RAO)
Andrea Morana

Siracusa, 96100

The M+R (Andrea MORANA and Luana RAO) are both students of the Faculty of Architecture of the University of Catania. They have started to work together since 2005 with other architects whom partecipated at several international competitions with. In 2006 they won the first prize at an international workshop and in 2007 the third prize at an international competition (Section students) and in the same year they planned "CASA M". EXHIBITS 2007 �Riqualificazione urbana di Mondello�, Palermo. 2006 �Festival dell�Architettura� , Parma-Modena. 2005 �Architettura e spazi ipogei�, Siracusa. INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP 2007 Presence at the selection international workshop �Villa del Casale�, Enna. 2006 Presence at the 4th international stage �Entre o C�u e a Terra...o prazer e a dor na arquitectura�, Lisboa. Workshop �Tragedia e Cidade�. Building land: Plaza do Comercio, Lisboa. 1st prize. 2006 Presence at selection to 2nd international workshop "Abitazone" held in Buenos Aires. INTERNATIONAL COMPETITIONS 2007 Presence at in international competition of ideas for �Riqualificazione urbana di Mondello -section students-. 3rd price.



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