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Atsuhito Kitora,Japan


Atsuhito Kitora,Japan
Atsuhito Kitora
Website http://

Tokyo, 1340088

I believe that design is not apprehended by added value or reference matter, but bedrock of business strategy. All contents including branding, products develop, and website must be revised; above that, design should be planned throughout the whole department, or else we cannot keep winning in the aggravated business society. Design should be apprehended as the significant element of the administrative strategy; the value revealed through the process of brand-building does not only illuminate the vision of management, but also becomes an important element to narrow down the direction of the brand itself. To have the idea of “design” in small letters rather than “DESIGN” in letters is important. Design will be accepted throughout the world, by fusing business with “design”, not with a subsistent which becomes special above all things. I have realized that “design has the power to alternate all parts of our life”, and to constantly think of a design that can improve people’s lives.



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