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Academy of Design and Crafts At Steneby


Academy of Design and Crafts At Steneby
Jonatan Hedetoft

DALS LÅNGED, Sverige (Swe, 666

Andra Vågens Slöjd - Since 2010 My name is Jonatan Hedetoft i was born and raised in Malmö. I have worked with crafts since a young age. Since 2015 i am also a cabinetmaker and soon i will have a BA Degree in Wood Oriented Furniture Design from Academy of Design and Crafts at Steneby. I mainly work with Mental Health Design! The inspiration in my work i find in many different fields and the connection with people that suffer of Mental Health. What i know there is not a proffession at the moment, where you are a "Mental Health Designer" that give me strength! To break the walls.



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