Yu Qiang

YuQiang & Partners / Founder

Advocating creativity at the heart of design, Yu Qiang excels at fusing art and creativity to interpret personalized and differentiated contemporary design in the interior design sector for the past three decades.

He founded the interior design practice YuQiang & Partners in 1999 and more than two decades later, the firm has become a leading architectural studio with more than 200 members focusing on creative architectural and interior design.  Yu Qiang and his team have led design projects across commercial real estate, public buildings and offices, luxury residential, cultural and tourism, commerce, healthcare and intelligent technologies.  Working with China’s Top 50 developers the firm has delivered over 3,000 successfully recognised design projects in 120 cities across the globe.

YuQiang & Partners have won numerous international awards and Yu Qiang’s individual design works have been exhibited in Shenzhen He Xiangning Art Museum.

In addition to being the Founder of YuQiang & Partners, Yu Qiang is also the President of Shenzhen Institute of Interior Design and a Distinguished Professional Mentor of College of Design Shenzhen University.