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Cristiano Magni | International Design Awards Jury

President and Founder, Cristiano Magni Public Relations

Cristiano Magni is the President and Founder of Cristiano Magni Public Relations, a boutique premiere agency specializing in fashion, design and lifestyle. As a Public Relations Manager at two of the most prestigious luxury goods agencies in Milan, he oversaw numerous brands including Montblanc, Tag Heuer, S.T. Dupont, Antinori, and and Krug Champagne. Encouraged to utilize his unique vision, Cristiano moved to New York in the early 2000’s as Public Relations Director of C.P. Company and Stone Island, and launched three years later a new and innovative personal agency committed to promote European Fashion and Design. His clients range from iconic cult brands, like Kartell, to powerful yet understated outsiders. Cristiano splits his time between New York, Florence and Milan, and travels globally for his clients.

What did you most enjoy about the IDA judging process?

Seeing all the new talents involved and how fashion and design are transformative areas leading to new experimentations, discoveries and aesthetics.
After reviewing the IDA projects, did you see evidence of current trends or challenges in the design industry?

The sustainability trend was definitely incorporated in many designs. Attention and respect for the environment is not only an ethical issue but also a business issues. Consumers are becoming more and more receptive to this topic and are looking for designers to teach them how to look great while generating the least possible impact on waste and pollution.
How much influence does your own personal taste influence your decisions in judging a design award?

Consciously none but unconsciously I think it’s only natural that, as judges, we bring our own set of skills and background to the table. Nevertheless I am confident that I critiqued the entries based on the given criteria rather than on my own personal taste.

What advice would you give to future entrants?

I think to follow their own aesthetic and imagination rather than a trend or a business idea, at first.

What are you working on, what is in the pipeline for you for 2021?

We signed with a new interior design firm from Canada and we are looking forward to working more and more with international talents.

What do you think are the biggest challenges and opportunities in your career/industry now?

I think we are still learning and understanding how to utilize digital tools to empower our businesses. I think the main challenge is to find balance between “digital” and “traditional”.